Prayer information and praying for the nation of Cyprus
Πληροφορίες και προσευχή για τον Λαό της Κύπρου     



                  ΕΝΤΕΥΚΤΕΣ ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΚΥΠΡΟ

   Πληροφορίες και προσευχή για τον Λαό της Κύπρου




Current prophecies.  a. Cyprus.  b. Corona-virus.



Michael Gertsman (Canadian Messianic believer and Rabbi based in Israel) received this prophetic word for the church in Cyprus in 2020, just before he came to minister in Cyprus.   


This word concerns the threat from Turkey and a promise of Revival.


The Lord says, “Do you think I will tolerate this? No, I will not! My instruction to the Church in Cyprus is as follows, ‘The weapons of your warfare are not fleshly, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.’  You are not just fighting flesh and blood and the political intrigues of men, but you are to battle the wicked spiritual entities that stir them and drive them. But I would say to you, be not afraid for this battle is not yours alone, but Mine.


If you will stand up and take hold in prayer and strong intercession, then I will roll back the powers of darkness. Did I not say that the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force? (Matthew 11:12). If you want to take possession of the riches of heaven and God’s assistance in your task, you have to take hold of it forcefully and with strength in the face of the enemy’s opposition.


 Remember my beloved, that “…when the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard, His battle flag against him.” (Isaiah 59:19). Please see and take to heart what I say in those verses that precede and follow this one, and in the verse I just cited as well. It is very important, and I give these words to you as a promise this day. “According to their deeds, accordingly He will repay fury to His adversaries, recompense to His enemies, the islands [sometimes coastlands, but usually islands in Hebrew] He will fully repay.” (vs.18)


But I want you to notice what follows in the beginning of the next verse: “So they shall fear the name of the Lord from the west and His glory from the rising of the sun.” And again in verse 20-21, “The Redeemer will come to Zion and to those who turn from transgression in Jacob” says the Lord’ ‘As for Me’, says the Lord, ‘this is my covenant with them”. [In other words, the Lord is saying that His dealing visibly and effectively with the problem in the north is a key to national revival.]


And He goes on to say this, “My Spirit who is upon you and my words which I have put in your mouth, shall not depart from your mouth or the mouth of your descendants, nor from the mouth of your descendants, descendants,’ says the Lord.’”

[What does this mean? It means that you are to take these words to heart, remember them, declare them, and speak them to your children and grandchildren until all these things come to pass so that they remember what you said and put their trust in the Lord and His words.]


The Spirit says, “Now though I gave this word to the people of Israel in ancient days, I give it you today, my people, to encourage you to stand up and declare “No” to what the enemy is trying to do in the north. I would also encourage you to stand firm against those who seek to have you form a political union with any other nation. For I have given you an identity and territory that is uniquely yours. Do not give it up to others. Become the nation I intended you to be from the very beginning.”


Note: Sentences in [   ] brackets are my own observations, Michael Gertsman.    



This prophecy was first received in the UK in 1994, through David Noakes of Prophecy Today.
It has been re-published in the light of Corona-virus, and how relevant it is, especially to church leadership. 

 a)  'Walking on Water'


"In the days which are to come, that part of the church which will survive and prevail as overcomers will be that part which has learned to walk upon the waters, trusting only in me. There will be such storms that it will no longer be possible, as it were, to cross the waters by the ordinary means of using a boat, for the storms will be such that any boat will founder.


The ways of traditional church organisation will not be adequate for the needs, because they will be too rigid and inflexible to withstand the wind and the waves, and those who have put their trust in them for their security will be like those who find themselves in a boat which is overwhelmed and doomed to sink.


In those days only those who have learned to walk upon the waters will walk in safety. Do not put my people into rigid formal structures, for to do this is to put them into a boat which will seem adequate and comfortable while the waters are calm, but will later become a place of death for those whose only experience has been to get in and enjoy the ride.


The structure of my church is not to be like a ship, a monolithic whole, a structure created by men. It is to be my body, a thing which is completely mobile and flexible, able to respond and adapt to the needs of the moment.

A body will survive; but any structure created through the wisdom and efforts of man will prove to be like the ship which will sink in the time of trouble and pressure. Do not over-organise my people but teach them the ways of God; teach them the way of listening for the voice of my Spirit, and of spontaneous action in obedience to those promptings.


Teach them not to rely upon men, or upon any form of organised structure, but teach them that each one must have his trust solely in me, the Head of the body, who alone has the wisdom to guide his people through the stormy waters.


The days are coming when every item of your security which depends upon the ways of man and the structures of the world will be taken from you. No matter how hard you have laboured to build it up and no matter how much my people have asked me to bless it, it will all be like having placed your treasure in a bank which has suddenly closed its doors to you and will permit you no access.

Teach my people, therefore, the way of walking on the water. Teach them in these days while the waters are yet calm to put their eyes upon me with a whole-hearted intensity, and to trust me implicitly in all matters, whether they seem great or small.


As each member learns to recognise and obey the instructions of the Head, so all together will begin to be able to function as one body.


This will never come about through human organisation, but only as they learn to walk continually under the direct leading of my Spirit. Your task is not to organise them but rather to teach them how to walk hand in hand with me.


Consider what is written in my word and hold it close to your hearts.

Thus it is written, “Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart departs from the Lord, for he shall be like a shrub in the desert, and shall not see when prosperity comes, but shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, in a salt land which is not inhabited.

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, and whose hope is the Lord, for he shall be like a tree planted by the waters, which spreads out its roots by the river and will not fear when heat comes, but its leaf will be green; and will not be anxious in the year of drought, nor will cease from yielding fruit.” [Jeremiah 17:5-8]


Let me teach you how to live and how to lead my people according to this word, in order that I may have a people who are able to walk upon the waters in the day of the storm."


First given at a Prophetic Word Ministries team meeting, November 1994.

b)  Contemporary word of encouragement and a warning of things to come  (Received by a friend of ours in the UK 31st March 2020)

NB. We have researched the scriptures in order to better test this word.
Scriptures have been inserted at relevant points. A powerful word. 


Beloved, I speak, but who is willing to listen; I call, but who is willing to hear? My people are hardened like barren soil in drought, baked hard by the continual beating down of the heat of deception, (1) so my words do not take root and righteousness does not result. Yet I have a remnant who grieve over the state of the world in which you find yourselves, and it is to you that I now speak, you whose hearts are humble and open towards me, and who tremble at my word. (1)  (Matt 24v5; Eph 5v6; 2 Thess 2v3; Rev 20v8)


To those who have ears to hear, I am shouting a warning, for the great and terrible day of the Lord (2) is not far off and the time to repent is short. (2)  (Joel 2v11 & 28-32; Amos 5v18-20; Mal 4v5; 1 Thess 5v2 & 2 Thess 2v1-4; 2 Peter 3v10)


I have sent fire and floods, earthquakes and famines (3) in many places, but who has wanted to know the reason? Men, even the leaders of my people, are deceived and believe the lie that these so-called natural disasters are caused by the actions of men and can be resolved by the skilled remedies of men. Therefore I have released a curse, a global scourge of sickness for which men have no remedy; and no nation will escape unscathed. For the whole world is turning in rebellion against me, and in my grief and out of my great love for all mankind whom I have created and desire to save, I have released the scourge of sickness in the hope that in their despair, men will turn to me for deliverance and salvation.

(3)  (Josh 24v20; 1 Chron 21v15; 2 Chron 7v13-14; Psalm 91v9-10; Isaiah 45v7; Revelation chapters 6, 8, 9, 11, 14, 15, 16.)  


The nations of the world, the whole earth, are now as it was in the days of Noah, (4)  (Genesis 6 & 7v21-23) when violence and corruption brought my anger in the form of a worldwide flood; and as in the days of Lot, when greed and corruption and perverted sexuality brought my destruction in the form of fire and burning sulphur. Even so, this is now the condition of the nations, and I have been watching in horror. Where is the fear of God among the nations? Where is the fear of God among the leaders of my people who are called by my Name? Everywhere I am rejected and mocked and blasphemed, I who created the heavens and the earth and who sustains them by my word of power (5)  (Hebrews 1v3)


Beloved, you whose hearts and ears are turned to me when I call, hear my cry; for it is a cry not only of anger, but also of deep sorrow and love for all men whom I have created in order that they may worship me, the one true God, and live in fellowship with me through my Son who gave his life so that all who call upon me might be saved and live under my hand of blessing and protection. My grief is very great, for I look upon the nations of the world, who have embraced deception rather than the truth of their own eyes, and rejected me as Creator. I am angry, but I am also deeply wounded and in great distress at the destruction which they are bringing upon themselves through their pride and rebellion, for they do not know, and are not willing to hear, that it is the god of this present world-system who is deceiving them and luring them into a trap of destruction.

(6)  (2 Corinthians 4v4)


Men have rejected the everlasting covenant which I made with Noah. Everywhere I see violence and corruption and greed, and the shedding of innocent blood (7)  (2 Kings 24v2-4 etc.)  – millions of unborn children who are the work of my hands in this creation and for whose lives I had a purpose on this earth. Now even the very sign of the covenant which I made with Noah, the rainbow of permanent testimony to my love and faithfulness to keep my word, is made a cause of offence to me, a stench in my nostrils, by being taken as the proud symbol of rebellion, of perversion of my created order of male and female. (8)  (Leviticus 18v22).


Beloved, do not be deceived. (1) God has been watching while the cup of iniquity of the nations of the earth is coming near to fullness. In my love and concern I am shouting a global warning through this present scourge of sickness, in the hope that even at this late hour many will repent and turn to me, before the final judgments of irretrievable disaster, (3) the outpouring of my pent-up anger, begin to be released, for then it will be too late and I will not turn back from doing all that is prophesied in my word. Before that day arrives, I desire to purify and equip you, my remnant people, by my Spirit, to declare my love, the gospel of my Son’s sacrifice sealed in his own blood, to those who are destined for the awfulness of my wrath. Who will hear and respond to my call to declare the truth, for this is a day of decision?