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   Πληροφορίες και προσευχή για τον Λαό της Κύπρου





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This prayer guide is contemporary as at the time of going to press. Please adapt according to developing events.



Intercessors for Cyprus.  Prayer Update.  March 2021   No. 89

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Giving thanks; Daily Readings; Editorial: Bride arise! The Church: Churches in N Cyprus; Maturity;

Marriage in lockdown; You have Died; Abortion; Reconciliation north & south; ITI

The Government and Nation: This month; Coronavirus policing; The North & Turkey; Rains; Prisons; Schools Prayer.

Moral & social Issues; Cities & municipalities; Caring & compassion; International; IFC information.   

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March Prayer Issues. 2 Corinthians 1:20. ‘For no matter how many promises God has made, they are "Yes" in Christ.’

(An interpretation of) Isaiah 62v6-7a: I have set intercessors on your walls who shall cry out to God for the fulfilment of his promises.’

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Use the Prayer update in your home group, prayer group, church prayers, and devotionals. Use it topically or work through it over the month, whatever works.

Tip: Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to an entry He wants you to pray into. Focus on that (also in your group) until you sense completion. God bless you!


^  GIVING THANKS:  1 Thessalonians 5:18. ‘In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.’

We thank You Lord for the way You have renewed Your Church, the Bride of Christ, through the years – centuries – that we may still love You. We praise You for Your patience with us, Jesus, Your erring bride, for Your mercy, Your faithfulness, Your love, Your goodness, Your righteousness, Your justice, Your grace, Your enabling, Your power. Thank You for giving Yourself for us, for me. O that we and I might love You more fully!  



These daily readings are taken from the ‘Through the Bible in One Year’ Bible. Find time to read all or part of your day’s readings in your prayer time. (OT = Old Testament; NT = New Testament)   

Mon 1st OT: Leviticus 5v14-7v10; NT: Mark 10v32-52; Proverbs 6v12-19       Wed 3rd: OT: Leviticus 9v1-10v20; NT: Mark 11v27-12v12; Psalm 29v1-11   

Tue 2nd: OT: Leviticus 7v11-8v36; NT: Mark 11v1-25; Psalm 28v1-9              Thu 4th: OT: Leviticus 11v1-12v8; NT: Mark 12v13-27; Psalm 30v1-7            


Fri 5th: OT: Leviticus 13v1-59; NT: Mark 12v28-44; Proverbs 6v20-29               

Sat 6th: OT: Leviticus 14v1-57; NT: Mark 13v1-31; Psalm 30v8-12                  Tue 9th: OT: Leviticus 19v1-20v27; NT: Mark 14v43-72; Proverbs 6v30-35    

Sun 7th: OT: Leviticus 15v1-16v34; NT: Mark 13v32-14v16; Psalm 31v1-8      Wed 10th: OT: Leviticus 21v1-22v33; NT: Mark 15v1-32; Psalm 31v19-24        

Mon 8th: OT: Leviticus 17v1-18v30; NT: Mark 14v17-42; Psalm 31v9-18         Thu 11th: OT: Leviticus 23v1-24v23; NT: Mark 15v33-47; Psalm 32v1-11        


Fri 12th: OT: Leviticus 25v1-26v13; NT: Mark 16v1-20; Psalm 33v1-11                             

Sat 13th: OT: Leviticus 26v14-27v34; NT: Luke 1v1-25; Proverbs 7v1-5           Tue 16th: OT: Numbers 4v1-5v10; NT: Luke 1v57-80; Psalm 34v1-22              

Sun 14th: OT: Numbers 1v1-2v9; NT: Luke 1v26-38; Psalm 33v12-22              Wed 17th: OT: Numbers 5v11-6v27; NT: Luke 2v1-20; Proverbs 7v6-20

Mon 15th: OT: Numbers 2v10-3v51; NT: Luke 1v39-56; Psalm 34v1-10            Thu 18th: OT: Numbers 7v1-65; NT: Luke 2v21-40; Psalm 35v1-10                  


Fri 19th: OT: Numbers 7v66-9v14; NT: Luke 2v41-52; Psalm 35v11-18

Sat 20th: OT: Numbers 9v15-11v3; NT: Luke 3v1-22; Psalm 35v19-28              Tue 23rd: OT: Numbers 15v1-16v35; NT: Luke 4v38-5v16; Psalm 37v1-9        

Sun 21st: OT: Numbers 11v4-13v25; NT: Luke 3v23-4v13; Proverbs 7v21-27   Wed 24th: OT: Numbers 16v36-18v32; NT: Luke 5v17-32; Psalm 37v10-20     

Mon 22nd: OT: Numbers 13v26-14v45; NT: Luke 4v14-37; Psalm 36v1-12        Thu  25th: OT: Numbers 19v1-21v3; NT: Luke 5v33-6v11; Proverbs 8v1-11    


Fri 26th: OT: Numbers 21v4-22v20; NT: Luke 6v12-36; Psalm 37v21-31          Mon 29th: OT: Numbers 26v12-27v11; NT: Luke 7v36-50; Prov 8v12-21

Sat 27th: OT: Numbers 22v21-23v26; NT: Luke 6v37-7v10; Psalm 37v32-40    Tue  30th: OT: Numbers 27v12-29v11; NT: Luke 8v1-18; Psalm 38v13-22

Sun 28th: OT:  Numbers 23v27-26v11; NT: Luke 7v11-35; Psalm 38v1-12        Wed 31st: OT:  Numbers 29v12-31v24; NT: Luke 8v19-39; Psalm 39v1-13


EXAMPLE 1st March. As we looked at an example reading in this month to demonstrate how we use scripture, this is how we prayed. Remember to use Bible verses and claim Bible promises to make your case in prayer.

OT reading: Leviticus 5v14-7v10: Ch 5: Giving thanks....Intentional and unintentional sin all covered by the blood of Christ...amen! What a relief!

Ch 6: Prayer into teaching the body of Christ of the need to put things right and make restitution when you have wronged another. Prayer for Cyprus as a community to do what is right and just towards one another. Also to bring the best to the Lord. Ch 6v9-13 keep the prayer fire burning on the altar of sacrifice, here in Cyprus! ‘Every morning’... praying for the discipline of regular daily Quiet Times with the Lord to be the norm for believers.

(I used to be up at 5am before work to ensure uninterrupted Quiet time with the Lord). Memorials are testimonies to God’s goodness...aroma pleasing to the Lord. Prayer for the restoration of giving thanks and public testimony. Ch 7. Jesus...the guilt offering was slaughtered. He fulfilled all the OT scriptures. Give glory to God.

NT reading: Mark 10v32-52: Sometimes Jesus speaks hard words to us...what we do not want to hear….to challenge us or warn / prepare us. Prayer for believers to be open to His correction and word of preparation. Prayer to always serve others as ministers of Christ Jesus. Bartimaeus made sure his request was heard! Prayer that leaders and believers would get alone with God. Faith in God is rewarded. Prayer for Gospel witness and declaration to make a difference in Cyprus – salvation and discipleship in the people and the nation & those in authority.

Psalm or Proverb: Proverbs 6v12-19: Watch out for corruption through our speaking, our words from the heart. Prayer for the new heart God has given us already to overcome the old heart of flesh. Prayer to believe we can operate out of the new heart and new desires He has already given us. Prayer for the exposure of corruption in Cyprus.                                                                                                                                                       



^ EDITORIAL: Bride arise!  (KJV) Habakkuk 3v2: ‘O Lord, revive thy work in the midst of the years.’

During a three week period of fasting, prayer and seeking God in worship and encounter, through His truth and life, God moved upon one woman to pray the cry for reviving of the Church, in their country, in our country, in the nations of the earth. Where the enemy had come in to the Church to steal, kill, destroy, the cry was for Him to bring His reviving life (John 10v10). Where the Church, the Bride, had been in the shadows, in the darkness, in compromise, asleep, the cry from the heart (and all our hearts) was for the Bride to awaken, to have zeal for the Lord to be revived, for the bride to arise, to turn fully to Jesus as the Bridegroom, to be His bride prepared, made ready, devoted to Him, yearning for Jesus, renewed in passion for Him, revived in love for Him, ignited on the inside with that desire for Him. The cry for the holy fire of God to come upon the church was an impassioned plea, with a vision of a great trumpet call from heaven to enable the church, the bride of Christ to come forth.

The pastor later shared that God is looking for our daily yielding to Him, our surrender, devotion, obedience and submission in order to release His kingdom life and purposes in and through our lives. As we wait on Him, aligning ourselves with His word and Spirit, He will lead and enable us to know the way forward, to discern His voice amidst the many voices around, to discern what is of Him and what is not of Him. He is our pillar, our anchor, our hope. He is our peace in a time of turmoil both now and to come. Let’s be devoted to Him. (See the promise of Job 11v13-19 & words of Job 29v1-6).

Will you now re-read this through, but use each phrase as a springboard for PRAYER FOR REVIVAL for the Church in Cyprus and for your own life, to the glory of God? May He respond to the growing cry of the Church with a pouring out of revival and answers to such prayer! (Ephesians 5v14; Isaiah 57v15).        NB. Link: especially from 25min 30secs to 35m 40s.



^ THE CHURCH:   Matthew 16:18. ‘I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.’

1. Churches in north Cyprus: Reports are coming through that several Christian ministries or churches in the north are being targeted by authorities there. Those involved have to be very careful in this Muslim community. Pray for safety and for churches & ministries to be able to continue. (Ps. 17v8).


2. Maturity: God is raising up His Church worldwide including here in Cyprus. He is turning what the enemy has tried to use for evil during this time of Coronavirus into a victory for God and His Church, His Bride. Pastors and leaders have had to re-think their ways of doing things and seek God for His ways. Believers have had to seek God for themselves rather than be spoon-fed. The result is emerging: a more maturing Church, being prepared and preparing herself for the coming King! Amen! PRAY for church leadership to embrace the change of season and be led by the Lord to grow in their own walk with God and led to develop maturity in their congregations. (Nehemiah 13v2).  


3. Marriage in Lockdown: For married couples – in close proximity during lockdown - there are some good tips for you as a couple. Try this link:  Pray for Christian marriage to prosper. (Eph 5v22-33; Rev 19v7).   


4. You have died: Colossians 2:20 ‘….you died with Christ to the basic principles of this world…’ Colossians 3v3:  For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. We will look at this more closely next edition. There are certain key truths that can radically change a person’s thinking and behaviour once that truth is grasped. This is one of them. Another is the cry of Jesus on the cross: ‘It is finished’. We are new creations. Pray that these deep fundamental truths come alive to the body of Christ in order to better prepare Christ’s bride for what is to come. 


5. Abortion: Because this has affected people in the Christian community as well as outside, pastors can be reluctant to approach this issue. Pray that the issue gets aired in various ways, that God’s word casts light on the subject, and His heart for the unborn be embraced (Psalm 139; Ex 20v13). 


Reconciliation N & S: God encourages His Church to stand together, confess wrong attitudes, forgive one another and embrace in practical ways. Also to intercede for the nation’s healing. There is a regular monthly online prayer meeting between pastors & believers in the north and those in the south. Pray God uses this to bring deeper reconciliation. Key elements of a reconciliation process: Confession and practical forgiveness – the Church leading the way, healing of the nation, and removal of Turkey’s influence including Islam. (Luke 11v4; 2 Chronicles 7v14). Continue to pray into this.


ITI: This era we are entering concerning God’s ancient covenant people will be a time of 911 emergency when all hands will be are required on deck.

There needs to be confidentiality, trust and unity between involved parties, whether in Cyprus or abroad. Practical issues need to be resolved. Pray that God would be glorified and that He directs the project towards the goal. Bless you! (Isaiah 49v22).



^ THE GOVERNMENT & NATION: Psalm 33:12. ‘Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.’

RoCy: Pray for godly wisdom for our president, Nicos Anastasiades & his wife Andri; Cabinet Ministers & the Secretary to the Cabinet; Government Spokesman; Pray for our government & opposition parties, and also for our Archbishop Chrysostomos ll. Pray for the current president of the Evangelical Alliance of Churches in Cyprus, Yiannos  and E.A. secretary Chrysso. Pray also for key leaders in the North: Underground church leaders; leader of Turkish Cypriot Community Mr Ersin Tatar; Government Ministers, and even President Erdogan of Turkey.


^ This month: (Neal Bratchun series of Rainbow prayers): ORANGE represents God as FATHER, the Mountain of FAMILY, and Health (medicine).

PRAY for the love and honor of God to completely demolish and destroy strongholds of hate (including hate and dishonor shown towards the unborn, races, genders, authority, etc. (see 1 Corinthians 13:8a). PRAY for the health of all those who live in Cyprus (see 3 John 1:2).

 In Jesus’ name, I DECREE  that those who live in Cyprus are kept in good health and are offered excellent health services and care. I decree that all will live in the health and strength of the Lord. In Jesus’ name, I decree that the marriages and families in Cyprus are blessed with love, joy, and peace and that every home is filled with the goodness of God. I decree that every life conceived is honored, embraced, and protected, with love and respect. I decree that every weapon formed against the God-ordained family structure is coming to naught (see Isaiah 54v17).


^ Coronavirus policing: The role of the police is to enforce government rulings of law for the people of Cyprus. After the unduly violent police action against a peaceful demonstration in Nicosia last month, the people’s freedom to express their concerns seems to be being limited….as it is in so many other areas of coronavirus enforcement. Pray for the right balance of response in both the authorities and the people (Romans 13v2-3; Ephes 6v9).

Thankfully, a second larger demonstration passed off peacefully a week later. The lockdown has eased but the curfew and ban on gatherings remain.      

Coronavirus scientific: A strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, named B.1.258, is currently the most prevalent in Cyprus, according to a scientific study conducted for the analysis and course of the coronavirus in Cyprus. The study notes that since December 2020, this strain is responsible for 90% of infections in Cyprus. A Christian doctor of science we know in the UK is researching the UK vaccine to determine any dangers. She is positive now that at this time, the vaccine is safe and doesn’t affect the DNA. Pray for facts to be released concerning Cyprus vaccines. (1 Cor 13v6; 1 Tim 4v3).


^ The North & Turkey: President Ersin Tatar, from Turkey, represents the Turkish community in the north of Cyprus. He is pressing for a ‘two state solution’ to the problem of a divided nation. This is not recognised by key international players or of course by the Republic of Cyprus. Our president is pushing for a UN sponsored beginning to formal talks on the Cyprus problem in April. Pray earnestly for solution to come forth. (Jeremiah 6v16).

         Meanwhile, human rights abuses in Turkey under Recep Tayyip Erdogan continue, says a recent report. The detention of tens of thousands of men and hundreds of women, many with their children, especially following the 2016 failed coup, has become common. The list of Erdogan’s violations and cruelty is too long to fully numerate: detention and horrifying torture of thousands of innocent people for months and at times for years, without being charged; prisoners left languishing in dark cells, often in solitary confinement. It is calculated to inflict horrendous pain and suffering to bring the prisoners to the breaking point, so that they confess to crimes they have never committed. Pray deliverance from such a hand! (Psalm 72v12).


Rain: Thankfully we have had more rain last month, but we did have 6-7 months dry so we still need more rain (both physical, gentle, continuous soaking rain & heavy but not damaging), and spiritual rain to prepare the ground of lives in Cyprus for the truth of the gospel. Pray as led (Job 37v6).


Prisons: Thank You Lord that You are with prisoners in their situation in the Central Prisons Nicosia. Many are experiencing isolation, fear, sickness, regret, and hopelessness…made worse by Covid-19 restrictions. Protect them from harm and heal the hurt that comes from within. We pray many hearts and minds receive Christ’s redeeming love. Strengthen the governor, prison officers, and other ancillary staff in what is right. (Matt 25v37-40).


Schools’ prayer: Thank You Lord for the ‘Prayer for Schools’ initiative ( We pray that many teachers and others involved in schools in Cyprus will take hold of this and use its inspiration to set up or encourage prayer in their school. (Matthew 18v5-6).  

Please note that further information for prayer for Cyprus may be found daily at 



^ MORAL & SOCIAL ISSUES:  Deut 10v4: The Lord wrote on these tablets what he had written before, the Ten Commandments he had proclaimed.

Abortion: Give thanks to God for the gift of life. Pray that Cyprus resists degrading abortion laws and encourages life - in schools and in society. Remember women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy with little support, and for those who regret having had an abortion for one reason or another. Pray for medical staff to choose the ethical way even if against the norm, and that abortions due to gender or disability will cease. Pray for men to take responsibility in this, too. Finally, give thanks for those who have been rescued from abortion. (Psalm 139; Ex 20v13).      



^ CITIES & MUNICIPALITIES:  PRAY for your city: Jeremiah 29v7: “Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you. Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper." Psalm 55:11.’Destructive forces are at work in the city; threats and lies never leave its streets.’  Also:  Isaiah 1v26, Prov 11v10-11; Is 62v6-7; Ps 122v6-9. Consider these verses and pray for your city. Town, village, municipality as led by the Lord.

The main cities of Cyprus: Nicosia (north & south), Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Famagusta and Kyrenia.                   



^ CARING AND COMPASSION:  (by the Church and others):   Matthew 5v7: Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.’

1. Refugees, asylum seekers & migrant workers...,aliens & strangers: Exodus 22v21: "Do not ill-treat an alien or oppress him, for you were aliens.”

Remember the Oasis Refugee Project……Just as Jesus met physical needs and then spoke about spiritual truth, so OASIS strives to meet physical and spiritual needs of all who enter its doors. This is realized through OASIS’ activities: clothing and food distribution, English, Greek and computer classes, prenatal care group, women’s meetings, family events, social café, advice centre, prayer time and Bible studies. For the 1,400+ refugees who have come to the centre since inception, OASIS has become a family. However, the current coronavirus situation has depleted funds and restricted refugee and asylum seeker activity. Pray for increased funding and for open doors. (Revelation 3v8). 


2. The poor and needy, widows and orphans, foreigners, unemployed, exploited, etc: Proverbs 31v8-9: "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy."

Remember in prayer the Mercy Centre in Nicosia, the Limassol group, and the CHARIS project in Paphos. Also Cyprus Samaritans and others.



^ INTERNATIONAL ISSUES: Mark 11v17: "Is it not written:  'My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations?’ “(Also Revelation 14v6.)

Ongoing: Pray against the use of nuclear weapons and chemical weaponry and for Gospel declaration in the Middle East (Matt 16v19).

Israel: ’The Abraham Accords’: Later last year, Israel was persuaded by President Trump to sign a peace deal where Israel would not take any sovereignty over the West Bank…in effect, giving up the right to the land God gave the Jews, in order to make peace. Even the Evangelical community in America advised him to centre on peace not claims to the land. Bad advice! God is not mocked. No wonder America is being weakened. What He has given to His ancient people the Jews should not be divided up (Joel 3v2). Notice also from the Bible that a false peace will arrive in due course (1 Thesssalonians 5v3). Abraham himself would NEVER have traded the land for peace….so to call this the ‘Abraham Accords’ is very misleading. Pray that God works out His will even as men seek to turn away from His word. (See Genesis 15v18; Genesis 28v4; 1 Chronicles 16v15-18).

Ethiopia: was once a stabilizing country in the Horn of Africa. Civil war broke out in November 2020 and since then, tragic rumours of rape, looting, civilian deaths, and extrajudicial killings have spread. And the government has blocked internet and journalistic access while imposing region-wide lockdowns. About two million people have been internally displaced and hundreds of thousands of refugees have been cut off from support. But did you know the majority of Ethiopians claim Christianity, and Tigray has one of the largest concentrations of Christians in the nation? Pray followers of Jesus be His hands and feet, tangibly revealing His unconditional love for every single Ethiopian. (Psalm 8v6; John 13v9).    

Bless you all. Yassas,  αντίο  and shalom.   The IFC team


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